Things They Have Said So I Don’t Forget Part 2

While I was working in the kitchen, the girls walked in arguing. I didn’t think either were having a humble attitude, so I asked, “Girls, where are your hearts right now?”

Eva (9), stopped, looked around the room, wondering at such an odd, unrelated question and answered, “In the kitchen?”



Justice, age 15, while in an extreme health phase: Grownups are so lucky. They can gain weight so easily and it makes their workouts so much more meaningful.



Written conversation with my 9 year old Eva during Communion: E: “Mom, God doesn’t lie and He said ‘this is my body’. That means we’re cannibals.” Me: “He’s speaking metaphorically.”  E: “Well, it’s more interesting to be a cannibal. I’m a Catholic. I take it literally. I’m a Catholic Cannibal.” She then looked at me with a hungry eyes and a toothy grimace.


Christian, 15, upon inspecting a twenty dollar bill from a birthday card, “Wow, this is a keepsake! It’s really old. It’s from the 1900s.”


Eva, 10: Christian, Victor, Haven and I were going though Catechism together and talking about the difference between Dispensational and Covenantal interpretation, and apparently Eva had been listening in. Later that week, Eva asks me: “Mom, where do those Disappointment people get seven years from?” I asked her what she was talking about. “You know, the people that believe there will be seven years of disappointment before Jesus reigns from Jerusalem.”