Saw this on the “Hard-Core Christianity” blog and would like to pass it on. It is an easy to watch, well made video.  I think it would be a great introduction for young teen who are beginning their studies in logic.

Melissa Cain Travis

There is an interesting phenomenon in apologetics debate: skeptics attempting to argue against the existence of God using evidence thought to discredit Christianity.

This tactic is fundamentally flawed. Whether or not Christianity is true is a different question than whether or not God exists. (Note that I am using the minimal definition that the skeptic usually has in mind for “God”: an immaterial, transcendent entity with agency. It’s key to clarify this in your discussions.) So, even a skeptic’s strongest arguments against the Christian faith are not automatically arguments against the existence of God. Now, it is possible to argue in the opposite direction; any good argument against the existence of God (an immaterial, transcendent entity with agency) would automatically apply against the truth claims of Christianity, since Christianity requires God’s existence.

There seems to be widespread confusion on this, so I hope I have helped to clarify things. Friends don’t…

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